Yuma Tour events Estate 2014 : riassunto & riflessioni


Sicuramente alle porte di Ottobre non possiamo guardarci indietro e dire come in passato ” che estate, che calori “ more

YUMA FREQUENCIES: la nuova serie di podcast per THE EGG London radio show.


Una delle grandi novità di questa nuova stagione è il nuovo progetto Frequencies , la nuova serie di podcast di casa Yuma more

Yuma Factory. vol 6 on Beatport 10 must hear tracks of the week!


Solo dopo pochi giorni , la nuova release Yuma Factory  arrivata dopo 2 anni alla suo sesta raccolta


YUMA FACTORY vol. 6 : il primo Various Artist di questa stagione.



Dopo Quasi un anno dall’ultima uscita di questa fortunata serie, Yuma è pronta per presentare il suo 6° various artist , in uscita questa settimana  more

Yuma present FONIQ: the new residence in PISA


Yuma é orgogliosa di presentare la sua nuova residenza nella citta di Pisa. more

Yuma events present: DAMIAN LAZARUS + BRUNI & DANIELLE


Eccoci arrivati all’ evento tanto atteso, ormai in programma da diverso tempo con  2 grandi ospiti per questa nuova stagione @  Vibe vibration become, il big club di casa Yuma. more

Who we are


Yuma project is officially born in October ‘11. Created and run by four minds from different backgrounds united by the same goal, to bring a breath of freshness and innovation in the Italian clubbing panorama, made of a quality music label, emerging artists and touring events on national and international territories. Bruni & Danielle, Luper, Elia Crecchi They are the people behind the Yuma brand and manage every aspect, each of them with a specific and different role. “Unity is strength” is the fundamental principle that they are based on, and every day they dedicate their time, skills and experience to make Yuma one of the most appreciated act in the world of clubbing.

After 2 years of activity, Yuma Recordings produced over 25 official releases, for a total of more than 100 tracks. In addition to the works of the artists that are officially part of the Yuma roster (Bruni & Danielle, Greeko, Elia Crecchi, Amber Cox, Luper), was given chances to emerging artists of the Italian scene and abroad, enriched by featuring and remixes by international artists such as NiCe7,, Supernova, Dapayk Solo, Affkt, Sydney Charles, Ramiro Lopez, Darlyn Vlys, German Brigante, El Mundo & Satori and so on, ranging from the warm atmospheres of deep house to dancefloor oriented tech house beats. The continued support by the majority of the most influential DJs and producers of world rank, allowed to Yuma to quickly become the most respected italy-based label in its genre.


Latest Releases


Bruni & Danielle


Two of the most eclectic and upcoming djs and producers of the club scene Made in Italy.  more

Elia Crecchi


Elia Crecchi, producer/dj and A/R of Yuma Recordings.  more




Greeko is definetely one of the most interesting & younger artist to discover for the upcoming future. Innovator of the beats, dry and firm, merged with dark sounds and fuzzy vocals, he has been able to create his unique style for productions and dj-sets. A kid grown up on the dancefloor takin’ the best of it, with its multiple influences from Jazz to hip hop and rhythms of techno detroit. A sound that starts from the past, lead to the present, and pointing forward to the future.

He made his first appearences on Yuma Recordings, top Italian label, which gave him the chances and the support for his productions and for his growth as performer. The releases on well renowned labels like Mo’s Ferry Prod, Noir music, Sincopat & Intacto have pushed him in the golden area.

In the last season, he became Guest resident of the Vibe Vibration Become based in Tuscany, as well at Gate Club in center Italy. He also had the chances to show his skills in Yuma showcases around Europe, as he obtained his first gig in german territory in Berlin Techno sanctuary, Tresor, with Mo’s Ferry crew.

He receives regular support by most of the top league artists around, and despite of his age, he caught personal attention of top players as Richie Hawtin, Davide Squillace, Shlomi Aber, Dapayk & more.

The future is bright for Greeko, he’s aiming to be of the most interesting newcomers in Tech House/Techno Panorama, and big steps are on the way to confirm his talent.

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